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Group and Individual Reading Tutoring in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas.

We work closely with our students to help struggling readers develop a fluent (and confident!) love for reading. We use innovative precision teaching techniques to help learners become expert readers.
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We use researched-based, proven methods at our center: Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction (DI), and Curriculum Based Measurements (CBM).

Reading in Tent

 The typical Aims Learning Center student is bright, but is struggling in school. We work with students who have delayed learning, autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, working memory issues, or other learning differences.

Art Class

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond. All of our programming is state of the art. Our staff is trained to provide various methods and learning techniques, depending on the individual student's needs.

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Precision Teaching

This measurement method targets the underlying processes that controls learning and produces fluent responding that is accurate and effortless. 

Direct Instruction (DI)

Allows for the explicit and systematic instruction on new concepts in a short period of time. Precision Teaching offers us our measurement tool and various techniques to practice these new concepts.

Curriculum Based Measurements (CBM)

Allows us to evaluate our training according to grade level standards.

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