About Us

The Leading ABA Therapy Center in Seattle, Washington - We’re looking to serve children in Seattle, Kent, Renton, Tacoma and smaller cities. 

Our Vision

AIMS Learning Center sees a world where individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder have access to the highest quality ABA therapy services to enable them to reach their fullest potential.

Our Mission

AIMS Learning Center is dedicated to providing the best ABA therapy services in Seattle, Washington by using evidence-based practices and by training and supporting our team of therapists.


Our Story

Tiffany started AIMS Learning Center to provide better options for parents of children on the autism spectrum. She is the loving mother of a son diagnosed with autism. As a parent, she struggled with the limited options and poor quality of services provided by many ABA companies. This motivated her to provide something better for her local community. She cares deeply about the autism community and her local community in Seattle, WA  and is committed to providing the best possible services to families. We will service children beyond the the city of Seattle.

The goal behind AIMS Learning Center is to help kids in the autism community reach their full potential. Children with autism have unique abilities and contributions to society. It is important to help them develop those skills so that the community can benefit from them. She is passionate about this cause because she knows firsthand that people with autism are compassionate human beings with their own kind of genius. Those gifts they have to share are critical towards the betterment of society.

Tiffany has integrated all of these values into the AIMS Learning Center. She seeks to provide an environment that's nurturing and supportive, so that kids can feel comfortable while they learn. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in working with individuals on the autism spectrum. AIMS uses proven techniques and cutting-edge research to provide the best services possible. We also work closely with parents to ensure that they are involved in their child’s progress, both in the classroom and at home.

Our Approach

AIMS Learning Center’s approach to ABA therapy is individualized and tailored to each child and family we serve. We use a combination of positive reinforcement, prompting, and task analysis to help children with ASD learn new skills and increase their independence.

Our Core Values

AIMS Learning Center is committed to the following values:

Providing High-Quality ABA Therapy Services

Providing High quality services needs content

Serving Children and Families with ASD

We are committed to serving individuals with ASD and their families. We believe that every child deserves access to the highest quality ABA therapy services.

Training and Supporting our Team of Therapists

We provide ongoing training and support to our team of therapists so that they can deliver high-quality ABA therapy services.

Pursuing Continuous Learning & Innovation

We are committed to continuous learning and innovation so that we can always provide the best ABA therapy services possible.

Benefits of ABA Therapy

ABA therapy has been shown to be an effective intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some of the benefits of ABA therapy include but are not limited to:

  • Improved Communication Skills

  • Increased Social Interaction

  • Improved Academic Performance

  • Reduced Tantrums & Aggressive Behaviors

  • Increased Independence

  • Improved Quality of Life

If you are interested in learning more about ABA therapy and the benefits it can provide, please contact us at info@aimslearningcenter.com