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What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an empirically validated therapeutic intervention that focuses on supporting people with various developmental disabilities, including Autism, reduce behaviors of concern and acquire a variety of skills and behaviors to improve the quality of their lives. ABA therapy is considered to be the gold standard of care for helping clients acquire new skills and replace other behaviors that may be interfering with their quality of life.  These skills may include building meaningful relationships with family and friends, communication skills, adaptive living skills, and many more.

Experienced & Compassionate ABA Therapists

Our team of caring therapists have a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping children. They are dedicated to providing each child with the highest level of individualized care.


At AIMS Learning Centers, we are dedicated to providing exceptional ABA services that make a lasting impact on the lives of our clients. Our commitment to using precision teaching and fluency-based interventions to achieve true mastery of the skills we teach sets us apart from other ABA providers. Our team of highly trained behavior analysts and therapists use precise measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of our interventions. We focus on teaching skills to fluency to ensure that individuals can perform them accurately and independently.


If you are a parent or an individual with an Autism diagnosis seeking high-quality services from compassionate professionals who prioritize your experience, AIMS Learning Center is the place for you.

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Set Your Child On The Learning
Path To a Happy Life!

Children and families affected by AS can learn and thrive with the help of ABA therapy. At AIMS Learning Center, we will work with your child and family to teach skills and behaviors required to lead a happy and successful life. Our creative and fun learning environment will ep them engaged, while our experienced therapists provide them with the personalized care they need to succeed later in life.

By prioritizing the use of Precision Teaching, Instructional Design, positive reinforcement, self-advocacy, and play; we make sure that you and your child make meaningful progress, together.

If you are interested in learning more about ABA therapy and the benefits it can provide, please contact us at

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