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Reading matters, and loving it helps.

We start every tutoring engagement with a comprehensive assessment to identify any gaps in the foundational skills necessary for developing expert (and voracious!) readers.

What We Do

At AIMS Learning Center, we provide intensive instruction in reading for students ages K-12.

 Our personalized approaches to reading tutoring are designed to meet the unique needs of each learner, and we use research based techniques to help them achieve lasting success.

We teach foundational reading skills to an established target aim to ensure the learner will instantly recognize words on sight.

Our Processes

1. Assessment

We start with a comprehensive assessment that identifies your child’s current level of fluency and highlights where the student has learning gaps or deficits.

2. Individual Learning Plan

AIMS will create a highly individualized learning plan that is based on the specific results of the assessment. AIMS will review and discuss this plan with the family to ensure that it's a good fit for the learner.

During sessions, we will focus on the previously identified learning deficits to ensure that your child gets enough practice in those areas to retain and master them.

3. Confident, Expert Readers

In as little as 40 hours of Tutoring with AIMS, most learners will improve by a full grade level.

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